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Smokey Bonfire Pasta

serves: 4 A splendid treat from pal Rob again - tried and tested on a two ring burn aboard a narrow boat moored on the Grand Union canal. I love his description of 'quality' smoked bacon and the … [Read more...]

Marinated King Prawns

serves: 4 I cheat and bring a bag of frozen king prawns with me and cook them, usually the next day, by which time they've played their part in cooling my wine and are well on their way to thawing … [Read more...]

Paella of Sorts

serves: 4 Spain holds some magical force over me. The language, the food, the wines, the Moorish history and the civil war (ok so I'm a bloke!). It all adds up to my favourite country. I have fond … [Read more...]


serves: 6 A great accompaniment to many of the Guyrope Gourmet dishes, particularly the herbed lamb cutlets. You can customise this recipe to your own liking by adding anything that you think might … [Read more...]

Mussels with Beer & Coriander

serves: 4 This is a recipe given to me by my pal Glyn. I was dining at Fish! In Borough Market in London a couple of years back, and via the waiter, I asked if the chef would be so kind as to knock … [Read more...]