I’m a sucker for gadgets, and camping is a great excuse to run out and buy more. In this section I will be taking a look at various gizmos, thingamibobs and other essential equipment. Here’s a list of useful things an aspiring Guyrope Gourmet would need, the kit reviews will come later.
• Two saucepans, 6 ” and 8″ (with lids)
• A large stock pot (with lid)
• Wooden chopping board
• A set of sharp knives (a big one, a medium and a little un)
• A grater
• Pestle and mortar (for grinding seeds and spices)
• A camping kettle (water boils quicker in a kettle – saves gas!)
• A set of Tupperware boxes (handy for storing chopped and grated ingredients as well as leftovers in)
• Kitchen roll
• Pyrex measuring jug Wooden spoons and spatulas

The equipment list also extends to a few suggestions for keeping the larder topped up with useful condiments and ingredients. It’s all stuff that you probably have on the shelves at home, so make sure you bring them along.
• Olive oil – what would we do without it?
• Box of flaked sea salt
• Pepper mill (and plenty of peppercorns)
• Cumin, coriander and fennel seeds (whole)
• Paprika, the Spanish smoked variety is also handy, but not entirely essential, if you got it flaunt it!
• Dried chillies
• Fresh herbs; Rosemary, Thyme, Coriander, Basil, Bay leaves. The soft leaved variety (basil, coriander, mint) will keep for a good few days as long as you keep them in the open – don’t be tempted to wrap them in cling film or stuff ‘em in a plastic bag!
• Garlic

I’m clearly not providing a definitive list here, but you should be getting the picture.