About The Guyrope Gourmet

guyrope gourmetGuyrope Gourmet is all about eating well on the campsite. Camping is a great way to explore the British countryside, it’s also a great way to discover local food. You’re never pitched far from a farmer’s market these days. Farmers markets, food fairs, local shops are all packed with an amazing array of lovingly produced fresh produce. Even the big supermarkets are getting in on the act.

There’s a revolution going on in the camping kitchen, stodgy bangers and beans will no longer cut the mustard. Why not become a Guyrope Gourmet, grab an armful of fresh ingredients and cook up a camping meal to remember on your next camping trip.

The ‘chef’ at Guyrope Gourmet is Josh Sutton, a freelance food writer with a love of the outdoors. A member of The Guild of Food Writers, he holds a degree in Arabic with Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies and a Masters in Professional Housing Studies.

Josh has written for; Camping magazine, The Guardian, The Yorkshire Post, Fire & Knives, Gin & It, Lakeland Walker magazine, Big Issue in the North, The Foodie Bugle, Go Camping, Green Parent Magazine, Lovefood.com, Great Food Magazine, Regional Review, VW Camper & Commercial. He often illustrates his writing with watercolours and ink sketches he calls ‘food doodles’.